This project is a dashboard that monitor the health indicators of DAOs. Detailed statistics includes (1)Total number of proposals (2)Total number of voters (3)Total number of votes (4)Average votes per active member (5)Gini coefficient (6)Token rate (7)Voter rate (8)Agreement coefficient. These statistics will help you gain a deep understanding of a DAO’s status. Additionally, meaningful tags are added to help you quickly grasp the highlights of a DAO. Other than that, a distribution of token balance helps you understand how decentralized a DAO is. Not familiar with a DAO? No problem! Detailed information can help you catch up quickly. I hope you like this project and find it useful!

DAO Hub showcase

How it's made

First I collected DAO information (treasury contracts, token contracts, governance contracts, description). Data collection-wise, I used Covalent API to query token holders of each token contracts, historical token holders and balances. Along with governance data from Snapshot API. Next I run multiple analysis using the collected information. Calculated statistics like Gini coefficient, agreement coefficient, and multiple governance related index. In this way, this product provides meaningful data for users to monitor health condition of DAO. Data API is built on AWS (lambda + RDS + API Gateway), raw data collected from Covalent and Snapshot. Frontend is built using VueJS and Tailwind CSS. Data pipeline using pandas and numpy with Python.