DAO-N_with_Nature_NFTs was developed as a DAO to allow proposals and voting on issues regarding the Nature NFTs Marketplace. This DAO will spring board the community being built around the Marketplace. As the Marketplace grows, the DAO will be instrumental in determining additional functionality for the Marketplace, marketing efforts to build a customer base and developing an inclusive and decentralized community around the Marketplace all proposed and voted on by members. The community will have its own token to determine certain rights and privileges in the DAO.

DAO-N_with_Nature_NFTs showcase

How it's made

The DAO was developing using OpenZeppelin contract libraries and Hardhat tooling for governance contract deployment and contract interaction. Time was scarce during the hackathon, so our next steps would be to create a user-friendly UI for the app, deployment to Polygon and zkSync chains for great cost savings to DAO members as they are interacting within the community, incentives for community participation and of course, setting up the DAO with ERC721 governance so that it can be integrated with the Nature NFTs Marketplace.