DAOflex uses Superfluid to create two DAO token payment streams. The first Superfluid Constant Flow Agreement is paid by the DAO member to the DAO as a membership subscription. The second Superfluid Instant Distribution Agreement is paid by the DAO to the member after completing an action that triggers a reward. Unlock is used to create content locks that are accessible only by the top contributors.

DAOflex showcase

How it's made

The project is built using React, Typescript and Chakra UI on the frontend side. Payments are streamed to and from DAO members using Superfluid that makes members pay their membership fee and pays them back anytime they perform an action. DAOflex content visibility is managed by Unlock. More than one Unlock Tier is created to make members more active in order to see more exclusive information. Over time your balance decreases, so you can lose your Tier if you reduce or stop your activities.