DAOs don't have a unified API which makes it hard for developers to create dApps that can seamlessly interact with all of them. We decided to create a DAO on-chain registry using extendable smart contracts, that DAO owners can then deploy to provide a unified API for dApps developers. We also created a dashboard for viewing the different registered DAOs and provide additional information about them using Covalent.

DAOHub showcase

How it's made

We deployed a "hub" smart contract that is used as a registry for all the registered DAOs. Each DAO is represented by a "proxy" smart contract that the hub links to. The proxy smart contract's API provides methods for getting information about the DAO it represents such as members or treasury. Our dashboard, which we made with Next.js/React interacts with the "hub" smart contract to get all registered DAOs. It then uses Covalent and the DAO registered membership token and treasury address to provide more details about the DAO to the viewers.