we are creating a product hunt of dao , a discovery,curation and analytics app which will help new users make informed decisions are app is a tool for non-members of the dao to understand the human level operations and efficiency of the daos by using user reviews,every member of the dao can review,upvote their dao and we rank daos using the user reviews and analytics for monetisation of our app we have a nft banner using superfluid and a paid newsletter feature using superfluid our platform also acts as a tool for daos to attract new users to their community by helping them post jobs, bounties and opportunities available in their dao users can apply to jobs and track their progress in our app we are using orbitdb ipfs peer to peer database to create a open transparent api to store data covalent ,snapshot and the graph to query data.

DaoHunt showcase

How it's made

Backend we are using covalent and snapshot API to query blockchain data and store it in our orbitdb IPFS database we will use cronjobs to update out database periodically we will also be storing reviews, upvites,jobs,newsletters in our ipfs database and create a rest API to interact with our frontend Frontend we are using create-react-app redux,tailwind as our forntend stack we are fetching blockchain data from our own backend we will use superfluid to create gated newsletter page accesable only to people who have created superflow we will use superfluid to create a nft billboard