DAOs are often complex organisations that operate on discord, which, in their respective groups, usually contain a lot of channels. It takes some time to familiarise oneself with the idea and the goal that a DAO is pursuing and to get an overview of the discord server. With DAOQuest we aim to provide a solution which enables DAOs to craft a custom set of quests which would familiarise DAO newcomers with the organisation's - well organisation and its purpose. The user would then complete a set of quests by uploading proof of completion, either in the form of a link or a screenshot or an image or a video, etc. (An assigned member of the DAO would review the uploaded material and either accept or decline the submitted material. If accepted, the newcomer would be granted an upgraded discord rank and an NFT) By providing this solution we hope to get one step closer to standardising the DAO onboarding process while also gamifying the experience.

DAOQuest showcase

How it's made

We have used Next.js and Typescript + ChakraUI for blazing fast development. From sponsors we used IPFS because it offers a really convenient way to store any kind of data, so we were able to define the whole structure of the questing system along with roles and permissions through it. We queried the data with The Graph because it also provides a very convenient solution for querying more complex structures from the blockchain. Also none of the IPFS hashes are stored on the blockchain but only emitted in the events and these events are picked up by our subgraph and destructured into the graphql schema for easy querying. We also used Superfluid to implement a POC of a subscription based influx system.