DAO Search is an application built on distributed file system and API. Explore and Learn about Different DAOs and Navigate the community Network. It includes different search filters to discover DAO, LEarn about DAO and navigate the community dynamics. New and existing users can use this application to search and learn about DAOs that best aligns with their interest. The main features of this application are: *****Keyword search by mapping dictionary words to fetch results from different media. **** Search by Category of DAOs (Taxonomy of 250+ DAOs) in different types such as, Defi protocol DAO, education/research DAO, etc. *** Search by recent time limit so users can look into the latest updates of DAOs. *** Search by addresses or name and view community graphs of different users' profiles based on their DAO holdings and voting behavior.

DAOSearch showcase

How it's made

For creating such application, we have used ipfs, covalent for fetching data of DAO holders. For more granular data, such as, addresses who voted for the different proposals, we used data crawling techniques so we can make the DAO networks based on voting behaviors as well. Lastly, we used Graphviz for data visualization. We used state of art community detection algorithm for DAO user profiles' community networks.