Dispay is a platform that helps friends form miniDAO investment groups so they can invest in and own NFTs together. The future of web3 is in community-driven access and resources, and we believe that the next generation of consumer facing dApps will allow friends to pool capital and coordinate their efforts. Set up your group & invite friends to join with a single link Friends can invest as much or as little as they like. Participating in a group feels like magic & allows you to stream money into and out of the group—that means no repetitive transactions & no unnecessary gas fees. Vote on what NFTs to buy & start investing together Start investing with your friends and community! If profits are made, proceeds will be automagically streamed back to you. Want to leave a group? No problem—you can always “rage quit” and get your unallocated capital back.

Dispay showcase

How it's made

Dispay uses the Superfluid protocol to manage the “friend-vestment” group members subscriptions. Throughout each month, members of the group will pay a certain subscription price set during the creation of the club. A “super app” has been deployed to stream subscription costs from the members’ wallets to the admin’s wallet. When a group makes a profit, Dispay utilizes the instant distribution Superfluid function to assign and send proceeds to group members.