This is an experiment DAO to test out SkillWallet , skill wallet seems like a good framework for DAO with role based access control mechanisms, the aim for this hackathon was that to find and explore new tools in the DAO ecosystem. I first read the documentation and understood what they are trying to provide and I was impressed with what they have build. There was a provision to create a DAO, create tasks and invite links and have roles assigned to them, I think they have a good structure to work with. But Its still not clear on where exactly would they fit in with current DAO ecosystem problems. It highly depends on adoption.

Experiment Orchid DAO  showcase

How it's made

This project use next.js , eslint, skill wallet and apollo in order to have a basic experimentation environment. Next js provides very good react frontend framework with API routes and Pages. I tried to create a page for Skill-wallet authentication. The problem I face is that the documentation is not clear on the code they provide. It was directly mentioned to create a custom tag without mentioning the purpose. I think the documentation needs to be improved.