an agriculture Dao to implemendt the fair trade protocol ..


Sudan a country that was once referred to as the Arabian world food basket, containing one of the largest fertile soil  in the world approximate at around 170 MIllions acres and one of the biggest farms in the world and the biggest in Africa. A country capable of planting literally almost anything. But fast forward to today people are waiting in lines for hours to be able to get bread. Its not for the lack of the wheat farms, its not for the lack of farmers , nor the lack of equipment and tools. But its all due to the failure of a system underlying the agriculture sector.

Ezra-Dao showcase

How it's made

we used 3rdweb/hooks to create the dao , and gatsby for front end , although the front end wasn't finished in time . the plan was also to use skill wallet to manage the dao but that was also not implemented in time. the idea was so perfect in my head but i'm too slow when it comes to implantation.