If you’re a social media DAO, get your content verified by us. If you’re just any other DAO, we can still help you verify your proposals. FactStationDAO is designed to collect information from your DAO platform and get it verified by consulting a group of experts. We fetch social media content from dApps and get it fact-checked from our DAO community. From all the available DAO members, we select a few to fact-check or verify content and based on the percentage of votes received, the content is deemed - true or questionable. We also provide an option to the DAO members to revoke their voting right, if the content falls outside the purview of their expertise.

FactStationDAO showcase

How it's made

Social media apps that want to verify their content, push their content files and these are stored on IPFS. Each post will have its own ID generated. We're also creating ERC-20 tokens that members can buy to become a member of FactStationDAO. We're selecting available members of the DAO to vote for the content. Each vote is given a value based on which the results are generated. The content is thus classified as Verified and True, Not Verified or Verified and Questionable.