# OVERVIEW The Demo Video is on YouTube. This application demonstrates DAO and NFT tooling. It allows (1) the creation of a fitness club (organized as a DAO) and (2) the fee-based sign-up of new members to an existing club by means of an NFT minter. ## Background: A Novel Use Case for ERC-721 Tokens This project explores a use case of utility and programmable ERC-721 tokens. Such tokens offer post issuance and programmable utility such as: (1) Authenticating users to portions of a website (2) Provide membership certificates and credentials (3) Distribution of ad hoc cash rewards or regular income ## More Details Fitness club memberships are conveyed by "hot-minting" an ERC-721 token (NFTs) from the fitness club. By "hot-minting" the NFTs are minted on-demand and are not pre-generated. Through the form-based UI, club creators are able customize: (1) Club Name (2) Logo (3) Symbol (4) Member Cost (of issuing memberships as NFTs) (5) Description # How It Works This project is a web-based tool for deploying an NFT-based DAO. This tool deploys 3 contracts that permit issuance, governance, and treasury operations. Specifically it customizes and deploys (1) ERC721 Token Minter (2) Timelock Controller (3) Governor Contract

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How it's made

The frontend uses React. The CSS classes were from a old, open sourced WordPress theme based on Bootstrap 3. On the backend, it relies upon node, Express.js, bash, and heavily upon Hardhat libraries which are called directly by Express. Javascript and RegEx are used to sanitize user inputs to conform with smart contract name conventions. Express is used to call a custom bash script. The script serves as a workhorse which duplicates and customizes DAO contract templates. Specifically, based on information provided by the end user, the bash script customizes and modifies: (1) Contract Name, (2) Total Memberships (token supply) (3) Token Pricing (4) Contract URI (contract metadata consisting of description and logo) Hardhat is the the star of the show. It compiles and deploys the contracts to the block chain.