One of the usual problems in Dao is the lack of commitment or time by the members. Fluid Dao proposes one solution to overcome this problem. The membership is given when a certain money stream is sent to the Dao, as long as the member remains a member, he pays the stream. However, in order to incentivize the participation in creating proposals and voting the proposal, when the member achieves certain conditions in a period of time, change the status to active and start receiving back a let's say 40% of the incoming streaming. If he is even more active and submits a winning proposal, then he can receive back a 90% plus the winning proposal allocation

fluidDAO showcase

How it's made

The project uses the angular framework and the angular-web3 package (still in beta). Fluid Dao is a superfluid APP contract deployed on Polygon Mumbai 0xCd86d66eaFC2FE6aBb02cAe9120499E4733803cD, that uses the callbacks for changing membership status and also update superfluid depending on certain conditions. the Dapp sues graphql for querying existing superfluid supergraphs on Mumbai and for storing the proposals of the members