FraisDAO aims to change the way we collate and share information with each other. Ear by contributing to or maintaining courses. A platform for educators to make money fulfilling bounties. A place to learn and earn governance rights in the process. Applying the principles of open-source software development to education. Create courses and incentivise the creation of high-quality learning materials for these courses. Contributors may fulfil bounties for course creators - maintainers of the courses approve these requests, improving the overall quality of each course with time. Students of these courses receive a high-quality course from many points of view and areas of expertise. FraisDAO uses the same philosophy just like Github, but we are providing courses instead of repositories

Frais showcase

How it's made

Decentralised Services (Ether.js and communication with Smart Contract).All smart contracts are deployed on Rinkeby testnet This project uses, - Reactjs to design the frontend - IPFS for storing courses metadata through IPFS HTTP client - DAO Membership NFT and Governance Token through ThirdWeb Api edition drop