Problem: Workloads in DAOs vary between high peaks before major project deadlines followed by periods of slowdown. Individual contributors & builders are currently on their own to find more work to do when their current project slows down. Solution: Grapevine provides a website where DAOs can publish projects and only trusted builders have access. Contributors must have received an on-chain payment from the DAO treasury to get access to Grapevine. Projects or tasks are only shown as long as a payment stream is active from the creator towards the Grapevine treasury.

Grapevine showcase

How it's made

This project uses Superfluid to read and write data based on their payment streams. When a stream is opened, the creator submits info about the task. All current streams are shown as open DAO tasks until someone cancels the stream or the tokens in the stream creators wallet run out. This project uses covalent data API to query data about contributors to different DAOs. The API is used to get contributor addresses based on the treasury addresses and its outgoing transactions. This project uses IPFS to host the frontend via