I am a kidney (organ) recipient from my brother. He made a big impact in my life by giving me a chance at life. I wanted to start this DAO to honor organ donors. The goal of Heroes DAO org is to roll out a solution that would give Heroes (living organ donors like my brother) special recognition everywhere they go for doing what they did. A selfless act of kindness - providing the gift of life to a loved one (or to another human being). And I’d like to do this in a non-traditional way and embrace the web3 world - by implementing the governance and execution of this program as a DAO. More importantly - the DAO’s mission is to bring more awareness to LIVING organ donorship.

Heroes DAO showcase

How it's made

We've utilized unlock protocol to lock the Nomination form for living organ donors inside wordpress (we've used the plugin that's available). The entire mission of heroes DAO is to let supporters nominate their living organ donors they know of to a Hero NFT. This Hero NFT will unlock a lot of benefits that the DAO will offer and work together to execute.