We are building a DAO community that consists of members who are the best in their field, the DAO is saddled with the responsibility of helping investors make good investment by selecting the best businesses to invest in. A lot of people generally love to invest but are either bad at making investment decisions or basically lack the time and energy to go about it. Everyone can be a venture capitalist, the methods of investing in the crypto space over the years have been redundant ranging from defi to trading cryptocurrencies. We bring a new and fresh form of investment to the people by our carefully vetted DAO. This project is aimed at making investment accessible to everyone and putting proper risk management control into consideration. We are removing a whole lot of barrier to investment for the common man and funding on the other hand for businesses, we want to make these whole experience seamless for the investors

Investify showcase

How it's made

This project was built using solidity and react. How it works, a landing page was created using react framework, the two main call to actions are the business funding and investors button when users click on either button it connects to their wallet, upon authentication it then redirects to the page the user clicks, in the case whereby the user is a business they get to upload their file or documents to filecoin and documentation is stored in ipfs, the document is then indexed on the subgraph and later queried by DAO to read from when vote is to be casted, when a business passes the scrutinizing stage they then get whitelisted and later added to the list of businesses can investors can invest in. When an investor wants to invest in a business, they would have to connect their wallet and sign which then navigates to the business pool from which they can then deposit money to invest. There is going to be a time frame for investors to contribute to the business. Every investor get a fixed deposit return on the total returns to be returned by the business. The DAO vote to whitelist a business is pegged at 80% acceptance from all DAO votes.