1. Value proposition The idea of our protocol is inspired by a well-known application, POAP. A POAP is a digital collectible (token) with certain features that when it’s grouped together with other POAP tokens create a collection. That collection can only belong to a particular human. So it can be proof of Humanity. The Proof of Humanity we want to build could reflect members’ bond with DAO Communities. As we know, even membership or community pass can be recognized by how much token held or whether an official NFT is held, it’s not easy for DAO to recognize whether a member is a constructor or speculator. From member’s perspective, strong bond connection between a member and a DAO could be reflected from how much he loves to join events organized by the DAO and treat it as part of life (The concept of “Love links Life” comes from it). And LxLP can help DAO to recognize the members’ humanity in the aspect of how intimate between members and community. 2. Motives We really appreciate value proposition of POAP, but as it was developed several years ago and the smart contract is not improved for long time. So our founding team believe it’s time to improve it to be a New generation of Proof of Humanity Protocol —— LxLP(Love links Life Protocol). These are improvements we plan to realize: (1) More decentralized storage of NFT meta data. As tokenURI of POAP is persisted by server maintained by their working group, we plan to persist tokenURI by IPFS or Arweave in which contains necessary information for attendees about the event. (2) More interaction between organizers and attendees. User feedback to event is going to be persisted by IPFS or Arweave and hash proof of it is saved on chain by emitting event in a transaction. (3) Events can be pointed to a certain DAO community by adding its official NFT or token address. Holding NFT or FT token over threshold amount can be required for joining events. 3. Functions (1) Issue events: Organizers can issue events and set requirements for it, such as holding NFT or FT token over threshold amount. (2) Claim LxLP NFT: Attendees can claim LxLP NFT as proof of humantity as part of constructor in DAO community. (3) Open Group: Organizers can open a new group for those DAO base on LxLP holding amount or other circumstances like members have joined same certain events. (4) Proof of Attendance: DAO members can select LxLP NFTs which are linked to DAO’s NFT or FT token address as proof of Attendance in DAO. (5) Onchain interaction: After attending an event, DAO members can add feedbacks about the event. Proof of these user generated information is saved on smart contract and source data is persisted by IPFS or Arweave.

LxLDAO showcase

How it's made

The demo is developed in one day so only basic functions are implemented, which is issuing event (For organizers) and claim LxLP (For attendees). The Front-end is using Hypertext as a starter template, which provides lots of built-in DAPP functionality like format currency, Chakra UI, ethers.js, transaction history listener, network detection and wallet connect are all right out of the box. We use IPFS behind the scene to store structured data like information and user comments about this event. Smart contract development uses the Hardhat framework, a contract development scaffolding that is the most used and best known contract project. We also use the ERC1155Upgradeable, Initializable,proxy contracts in openzeppelin. Based on the above contract and framework, we built the function to create activity and claim activity tokens and add activity comments.