This project acts as an opensource framework to help people design and make their own world , IP and arrange the dat in a community. The idea is to have people onboard themselves to the DAO as quickly as possible and have them contribute to the project. The premise of web3 is development of the product with the community and greater involvement and distribution of the copyright of the IP produced proportionally across the community members. For this we implement Quadratic staking with ERC 20 tokens on the polygon network. If the voted idea actually is accepted into the IP of the brand all the members that contributed or voted on the idea get a reward in the ecosystem tokens. If they vote on ideas that dont make the cut , they incur a small slashing/ burning fee which acts to deflate the ecosystems creation tokens.

Miner Pets DAO showcase

How it's made

In this project, we use Unlock protocol to allow members to purchase keys and use them for accessing the DAO webapp. A custom token (named MRS token) based on the ERC-20 standard is used to reward contributors of the DAO. Users initially receive a few tokens which will enable them to start contributing to the community by adding story suggestion posts. The token contract is currently on the Rinkeby chain. We use ReactJS with TailwindCSS for the front end application. A NodeJS Express server runs on the backend and some user level information is stored in MongoDB. The posts that users add for story suggestions are stored on MongoDB and a copy of that is stored on IPFS over We use pinata to store the json of each new post to IPFS.