We are building an NFT search and promotion platform to help solo or small team NFT artists sell more excellent NFTs. Our motivation is to change the fact that although Japan has beautiful NFTs based on Japanese culture such as anime, they are not recognized in the world! (we are Japanese) Furthermore, there must be wonderful NFT art by individuals and small teams outside of Japan, and we would like to help their marketing. This product will be operated by DAO, and we hope to not only provide a search product, but also to create a culture within the DAO community that the members can admire their art mutually.

NFT With showcase

How it's made

We use web3.js to get data about NFTs stored in ethereum blockchain. Front-end tech stack is Next.js (framework of React.js). NFTs stored in IPFS can also be retrieved. During the hackathon, a simple request was sent from the front-end by web3.js, but we will add more function by using the OpenSea API in the future.