NFTBillboard Auction (for Metaverse)

Whoever streams the most dao-tokens to an NFT contract controls the message + image rendered for the billboard


This can be for Metaverse Billboard Rental or other pourposes, essentialy a DAO contract is responsable for displaying an image or parts of it, the image can be proposed and approved by the token holders on another platform then set inside an auction. The auction is based on Superfluid flows, one can partecipate by activating a new flow of DAO tokens, the account that is flowing the most tokens is the current winner, so it has the NFT and can decide what to diplay on it.

NFTBillboard Auction (for Metaverse) showcase

How it's made

The nft is hosted on IPFS, the flow of money/tokens to the contract is made with Superfluid, the Auction contract can be deployed with a given: NFT, SuperDaoToken, host and a Flow agreement. The auction starts when the contract is deployed and the flow that is the most high controls the nft