This project creates a browser extension that lives in the side of your favorite search engines. It's intended to be used as a shared knowledge base of the members of DAOs and tackles both the issue of Google results not being very relevant and the fact that most information databases from DAOs nowadays live on an airtable. It aims at storing your bookmarks within folders and then giving access to these folders that contain the bookmarks - relevant or interesting sites- to all members of DAOs. Then, when a member of a DAO looks for that specific term, it shall show all the relevant information that contains the typed input to the search engine. For this initial version, it is a fork of an extension named 'Memex', it aims at storing the information in IPFS through Ceramic and it encrypts it with Lit protocol right before doing that.

onemark showcase

How it's made

It's made using Typescript, IPFS through Ceramic and Lit protocol to encrypt the data. The idea is that only people that have enough amount of a certain token, an NFT or any on chain data should be able to decrypt the information base from the DAO. Its a browser extension that has been tested only in Chromium based browsers.