This project is a DAO that will be joined by scientists in an effort to self-coordinate academic publication of research. This task currently can currently cost on the order of 10,000 USD for scientists to publish their content. The DAO has a gate that only allows researchers that have joined the DAO to be able to make PUBLISH/REJECT decisions. The mechanism for deciding if a publication will go through is done using a 51% vote. When deploying the DAO contract, individuals can make the decision to set a minimum number of votes in the constructor to ensure issues around small accepting votes don't allow the publication to go through.

PeerReview DAO showcase

How it's made

This was made using hardhat as the main solidity development framework. We implemented the smart contract in solidity and used IPLD to host the proposal data, we replaced the IPFS/IPLD interface gateway with a CAR to host the IPLD CBOR data locally to avoid issues with network latency during development. To implement a source of truth for the publications, we host the CIDs of the proposal on-chain, for anyone to read and get access to the publication. However, we keep all the research paper content itself on IPLD. To interact with the contract, we added an express server in the scripts folder that created a REST API to create the following functionality: View publications, vote, join the DAO, Create proposals, publish proposals.