Our vision: - Community pod DAOs; contain community members and volunteer organizations. - Both can be parts of an infinite amount of other community pods, or in relationships with any number of other members or organizations. - Community pods have their own reputation score and can ultimately be part of other communities. - Within a pod, members earn reputation by verifiably contributing work hours to volunteer organizations. There is a direct value trade of hours for reputation. A community member can freely participate with any number of organizations and have membership in other community pods. However, their reputation for a particular community pod will be constrained by the whitelisted volunteer organizations within that community. These are voted in by community members. Our economy: - A community pod is a community. Work done within the network not only adds to a visualized community health, but a member gains merit based on their time contributed to volunteerism. Use cases: - This reputation can be used in web3 as well as off-chain - in the real world - to show verifiable contribution to society. It can also be used if an individual requires secure verification for their contributed time. Perhaps to share on a digital resume (LinkedIn), or if a user is required to complete a certain amount of community service for a job, school, or even a traffic violation!

PolyDao showcase

How it's made

PolyDao utilizes SkillWallet's permission-less and portable personal identity features. We also employed React & TailwindCSS for front end as well as Figma & Photoshop for design. Our Hack was more focused on a big idea - a next level implementation to what SkillWallet's amazing team is already doing. Much of it is non-interactive at the moment. But the goal is to implement the proposed ideas in the not so far future.