Recipe Hall of FameDAO

A DAO to reward unique food recipes. Chefs can submit their recipe to be added on the Recipe Hall of Fame. If voted in, the recipe is featured on the website, and they are given an HoF Token.


If a chef creates a food recipe, eligible to be features on the Recipe Hall of Fame, then they may make a proposal in the DAO. The members of the DAO (holders of the res token) will review the recipe and decide if it may be features. The recipe is stored on, and the link is made public to the DAO members, so that they may recreate the recipe. If the recipe is accepted, the recipe's CID is added to the blockchain, and the winner receives a HoF token.

Recipe Hall of FameDAO showcase

How it's made

We used Aragon Client's Membership DAO to create , where the tokens are non-transferable and where only the token holders may be members of the DAO. We are using to store the recipes, which are to be approved by the DAO. We are using to store the recipes, which will then be tokenised, subject to approval from the DAO.