This project is demoing a shop which shares its revenue with their shoppers. Shopper get a reward card in form of a NFT. They can transfer their reward card to another account (the transfer is not 100% implemented). They earn cashback rewards on every purchase in the shop according to how much shares they have in the shop DAO. Example: 2 shoppers, shopper A spend 30$, shopper B 70%. Shopper B will get 70% of the cashback rewards, while Shopper A will get 30%.

Revenue cashback for online shops showcase

How it's made

This project is using superfluid and scaffold-eth. I am using a smart contract to receive the tokens / money for the item to be purchased. The contract then forwards a share of the tokens to the shoppers in the cashback reward program, the other share stays in the contract and can be withdrawn by the shop-owner (withdraw not implemented)