This is meant to be a precursor to an out-of-the-box tool disguised as a game for DAO communities. To provide a template for tracking organic initiatives. To encourage those that would rather "build" than wait for it to be processed by the DAO governance for "official support". It can be used to bootstrap further development on SideQuest structures.. or to seed completely new and unrelated ideas. That can then be, at some future date, easily queried, sorted, and harvested by the DAO when governance proposals catch up.

SideQuest  showcase

How it's made

This project uses some Solidity smart contracts to instantiate a factory of "SoulMint" contracts. SoulMint contracts are supersets of POAPs with additional properties living in metadata like contribution link or the contribution timestamp (at block time). They are then consumed by the React app to mint new POAPs using React/Redux/ethers.js/useDapp. This front-end setup allows us to not reinvent the wheel, since the heavy-lifting of reacting to e.g Tx history, wallet change etc is handled by useDapp hooks. On mint, the data is stored on IPFS using Once one/many NFTs are minted, and since we use a factory for the POAP contracts effectively tying one POAP contract to one owner that holds all its NFTs. This way, we can enumerate them all at that contract address using Covalent API, which gives us a simple REST API to achieve this in one simple call.