Simple Task Board for DAO member

Create task management system where DAO member can apply to work for DAO task and get rewarded


Create task page which only accessible for DAO member either holding DAO tokens or DAO NFT. Member need to stake some token when applying to work for task. Once it is completed, DAO admin will grant the reward depending on performance(which is centralized process in this prototype). Afterwards, member can claim the reward.

Simple Task Board for DAO member   showcase

How it's made

For the token/NFT, issue own ERC20 token and ERC721 NFT token on test net, Rinkeby. The staking, rewarding, claiming process can be done on TaskDAO smart contract. For the interface with user, we will create the dAPP. for the sake of simplicity, a single page will provide the all functionalities Note that the detail task function is out of scope of this demo system, it can be simple questionnaire, or can be complicated work. these task platform for each task can be implemented separately, perhaps in centralized system.