We are trying to build DAO's around developers and their favorite Technologies. Developers can interact here to build reputation and leverage this reputation to score jobs that can be posted by anyone on our Platform. These DAO's should have a higher entry barrier to ensure greater talent density. This higher talent density ensures that the reputation system holds more weight. This ensures that end-users who want to hire the DAO have greater trust in the system.

TechQuorum showcase

How it's made

The project uses Lens Protocol to create and manage the DAOs as unique profiles on their Smart Contracts. To join a DAO a developer must pay a follow Fee this fee is distributed to all the followers of the DAO based on their reputation and commitment. SuperFluid is used to create payment channels between the DAOs and end-users who want to hire the DAO. We leverage IPFS to store all the discussions that happen between the developers to ensure that it won't be directly available on any other platform using Lens Protocol.