The DAO Tool is built for DAO members to help them achieve DAO Team management in the best and most decentralized manner. It includes: 1) DAO NFT Membership: DAO admin can create role based NFT drop and send it to DAO members. By receiving role based NFT, members can log in and access only a particular area of their Dashboard as per permissions granted to their role. 2) Payroll: DAO members with finance role NFT as well as admin can schedule salary disbursement to DAO members using superfluid money streaming. 3) DAO Drive: It is a document vault for DAO where members can save important documents like invoices, legal agreements copies, and images on decentralized Web3 storage via DAO Drive. 4) Role Management: DAO admin can create roles as per their requirement like Content Team, Video Editing Team, Tech Team, etc. as per the role, NFT will be minted and assigned to DAO members. 5) Feedback / WhistleBlower complaints: DAO members can anonymously submit feedback and for any unethical behavior, whistleblowers can raise complaints to help DAO stay aligned with their rules and regulations and terminate the membership of bad actors.

The DAO Tool showcase

How it's made

We have built this platform with Reactjs as a frontend, Polygon for smart contracts and other bonty integration for various functionalities. - Payroll management system of The DAO Tool has been achieved through the use of superfluid. - IPFS Web3 storage has been used for permanent storage of DAO documents on DAO drive - Covalent is used to fetch all the list of Role based NFTs of DAO members in the admin dashboard - Skill wallet is used to login into the TheDAOTool to access the dashboard as per permissions granted to the member. - Graph: Subgraph query is used to fetch the ongoing payroll salary stream being distributed to DAO members.