This project is inspired by Coordinape and the goal is to steer the DAO or team towards common goals, be it culture goals such as encouraging contributors to be more helpful or sharing tips and memes, while rewarding people in the process in a feedback loop. The design discourages herd mentality where people give points to people who are people. Rather, each "thanks" is private and can only be seen by the sender as well as the owner of the DAO/group/team. The actual monetary reward is also private, rationale: rewards are the icing on the cake, it's meant as an extra reward, not something to compare and fight for. For transparency, everyone will be able to view who's received the most thanks in a particular time period (week, month, year) and why he's receiving them. What if someone is receiving thanks for doing the "wrong" thing. For example, spending a lot of time talking but not doing anything productive that brings the product to market? The creator of this DAO/group/team will be able to adjust the criteria. For example, each culture reward pillar can be capped, which means someone who talks a lot also have to contribute in other areas to gain more points.

thebonusbird showcase

How it's made

Figma: Wireframe design. This hack is actually 100% design, with all effort channeled towards the ideation, UX and UI. Superfluid (not implemented): Streaming of points to people who help individuals, or whom individuals look up to within the DAO/team. Lens (not implemented): Any profile on Lens can be added to any group to start the reward process