“They don’t know” is a protocol you have been secretly waiting for since you finally bought your precious cold wallet. It gives you safety and freedom at the same time: you can store your NFTs in a cold wallet, without losing the ability to use them in services that support the protocol. Socialize without compromise! How? This is made possible with off-chain cryptography - signing a message containing your hot wallet address with your cold wallet. Then using the hot wallet, this information gets verified on-chain and stored in a smart contract.

They don't know I own this song's nft showcase

How it's made

This project implements a smart contract with two major functionalities. One is signing a message with a designated cold wallet, where the message is a hot wallet address. Then using this signature users can create a mapping on-chain between hot and cold wallets. The other functionality is that this mapping is then can be used to query arbitrary NFT contracts' balanceOf and ownerOf functions with the hot wallet address, but it resolves the mapping and returns a shared balance of both the hot and the cold wallet. The frontend is implemented in React and uses ethers.js, hosted on Github Pages.