Students at any university can clone and redeploy UDAO as the foundation of their local web3 club. By having local duplicates of UDAO students can get experience interacting with web3 infrastructure without giving up the in person contact that local clubs give. UDAO has a local, non hierarchical governance structure with NFT based voting. Local interaction on a university campus allows students to come together and pursue their interests and reach students who know nothing about web3. The majority of the population knows crypto through Dogecoin and monkey NFTS, but there is so much more to web3 than memecoins. By Keeping membership local members can easily reach students who would never know what web3 is if one of their peers did not tell them. Clubs should act as decentralized as possible without losing the small club feel of the organization. All decisions including the allocation of funds are carried out on the blockchain through voting.

uDAO showcase

How it's made

We use IPFS to store the proposal file, You can use to simply upload files to IPFS. After the proposal file is on IPFS, input the hash of the proposal and the amount of the funds requested. The smart contracts will take in the hash, funds request, and record the sender address. From there the proposal will appear on the web page for a vote.