This application is intended for people who are running Beacon chain validators on mainnet. It is intended to be a "heartbeat" or "pulse" giving you some visibility on what your validators are achieving. Specifically, Beaconpulse allows you to follow an ETH1 address's validators and sends you a daily EPNS push notification showing the amount of Ether your validators produced. It also has rudimentary detection for missed attestations, proposals and sync committee duties.

Beaconpulse showcase

How it's made

The frontend dApp is build using: - create react app + sugar ( styled components etc ) - ethers as the web3 interactor - firebase sdk as interactor with the serverless backend The backend is built using: - firebase cloud functions - Ethereum Push Notification Service (deployed on mainnet) - ethers as the web3 interactor Main sponsor technology: EPNS as the notification provider. Main benefit to using EPNS: the notification channel allows EPNS users to subscribe to daily validator updates using their wallet public-key as the notification target. This simplifies and pseudo-anonymises the receipt of the notification. Secondary sponsor technology: The Graph as the price oracle through the WETH > USDT trading pair on the Sushiswap subgraph. Secondary sponsor benefit: a price oracle that is tied to a DEX more directly than web2 APIs like Coingecko's.