A distributed platform for publishing research papers governed by a DAO


Candlekeep is a distributed platform for research paper publishing. Every paper is publicly accessible on IPFS and indexed using a dedicated subgraph on The Graph. We 🖤 Open Science and we believe that Candlekeep has the potential to value more real researcher work and distribute the editorial costs to the research community. Moreover, reviewers are accordingly rewarded for their work.

Candlekeep showcase

How it's made

This project set of smart contracts to create a protocol for managing the process of creating scientific journals, publishing papers, and reviewing them. A DAO takes the core decisions like: - create a new journal - add a reviewer to the system - ban a reviewer for the system - etc. We used openzeppelin Governor and an ERC20 token with vote capabilities to implement the DAO logic. The protocol is composed mainly by: - Candlekeep: contains the list of the Journals and Reviewers - Journal: dynamically created by Candlekeep - Paper: dynamically created by a Journal when an author invokes the submit action Every paper can be stored in IPFS together with its revisions and reviews. The review process right now is simple but it can be updated in the future. It consists of simply 3 loops of reviews and it ends when the reviewers agree with their verdict. All the information is indexed in a subgraph published