Mina ZK Apps are great for creating privacy preserving smart contracts, but a limitation that developers face is the limitation of storage to just 255*8 (Field) bits of information. Our project builds a library that aims to seamlessly integrate Mina smart contracts with off-chain storage on FileCoin, giving developers the freedom to use storage as their app requires.

DALi showcase

How it's made

The project uses API to extend storage of Mina ZK Apps smart contracts off-chain on FileCoin. To guarantee authenticity of the data, the CID of the FileCoin/IPFS storage is stored on-chain on the related Mina smart contract. Any developer who wishes to develop a ZK App with off-chain storage only has to extend the OffChainStorageSmartContract class instead of the SmartContract class provided by Mina. The demo for the project is a NFT wallet that uses off-chain storage to track a users NFTs as well as the meta data of those NFTs.