Current DAO-s are mangement through web2 tooling like for example discord. These tools do not address the needs of DAOs and that leads to an inefficient way of a DAO management. DAOdom addresses the grant, task and contract management through community vote. The payment is done continuously, gasless,onhain and every second. There is also a option to create a multisig wallet through which a syndicate can be formed to pay specific tasks.

daodom showcase

How it's made

The frontend was build by using reactjs and the inspiration for it came from reddit because of its simplicity. The payment streams are done by using superfluid. The big benefit of superfluid is the every-second continous payment, onchain and gaslessness enabling extereme cash-flow efficiencies. By using gnosis safe a multisig wallet can be created and that allows that the payer can be a community or syndicate improving the capital allocation and with that the efficiency of a DAO.