dead person switch for your crypto. send keys to family when you get hit by a bus.


This project is a keybackup / recovery system for humans that have quit living. Once a month a human gets notified by a system the human self deployed. A vital key to this is a conceit of centralization. We use Amazon's Secrets Manager to and a encrypted s3 bucket to store this information. Once a predefined time passes the user's selected guardians get notified, as does a DAO staffed by estate attorneys. They handle the key recovery from AWS and the guardians are told the keys. showcase

How it's made

Techstack: AWS Gnosis Safe It is built ontop of Gnosis Safe, aws, tatum, and epns. The gnosis safe is deployed using cloud resources, this is to get around any local device compromise and could be done from a mobile phone. Once your run this shell script, it walks you through a gnosis safe deployment, switchcontract deployment, and then uses tatum to generate more key material, backs that key material up into an encrypted s3 kms. Monthly notifications remind the human to sign contract to ensure that it's still living.