Environmental concerns are more important than ever. Each person has its own Co2 footprint. Similarly to any other technology, Blockchain contributes to the Co2 footprint of each one of us. In the past few years, several services for compensating Co2 emissions emerged. We propose the first one-click Co2 compensation service for Ethereum. We partner with to offset the carbon emissions. Our interface enables you to connect your Ethereum wallet using WalletConnect. We compute the total amount of Co2 emitted by transaction sent from your account. Then, using a single click, you can choose to compensate your Ethereum Co2 footprint which will redirect you to a payment page. Unfortunately, our partner is curently limited to FIAT payments and does not yet support crypto payments. However, we are confident we will be able to negotiate with them in the near future so that they accept native crypto payments :) ! Finally, we issue an amazing modern crypto-art NFT on Polygon 😎, that can be traded on a secondary market 🚀, certifying that you sucessfully offset your Co2 emissions ! You can also download your official certificate which you will also receive via email. Slides:

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How it's made

**Technology used** - Next.js - Python - Javascript - Solidity - Hardhat - Infura - Etherscan - OpenZeppelin - - Ethereum **Sponsor Technology** - WalletConnect - Polygon **Did you do anything particuarly hacky that's notable and worth mentioning?** - Interfacing non-blockchain carbon offset technology ( with Ethereum !