The dapp is a lottery for degens. You steal a box from other players by paying a fixed amount which gets is added the prize, in a fashion of a musical chairs game. Every time a degen steals the box it resets the unlock time. To add a degen gamble to it every time a degen tries to steal the box there is also a chance the box breaks and enables the current owner to withdraw the prize money without needing to wait for the unlock end. Long story short is an innovative boxchain experience where the box is stolen over and over across our fellow degens and where having something stolen from you gives you a chance to make a single degen make mad stacks.

DegenBox showcase

How it's made

The base of the game is the smart contract written in solidity which is accessible from a dapp written in svelte only appealing for degens made up from memes. For notifying about the breaking of the box users can subscribe to an EPNS channel. The box was made with a very simple idea at the beggining, but is really a collaborative effort made possible thanks to all the amazing ideas and feedback that we gathered from enthusiastic hackers and sponsors.