ENSRental enables a secondary rental market for ENS domains. There may be someone who owns a valuable ENS domain with a long expiration date, say 15 years. Another person would like to use this domain but does not want to assume the cost for this entire duration as they would need to if they bought the domain on a market like OpenSea. With ENSRental the ENS domain owner can list their domain on the decentralized marketplace, and a renter can rent the controller rights to that domain for any period of time (for example 6months). So the renter doesn't need to assume the upront cost for the entire 15 years.

ENSRental showcase

How it's made

The project uses an escow smart contract for the NFT transfer of the ENS domain. It assumes ownership of the ENS NFT but gives controller rights to the renter. The domain lister specifies a price and duration and a renter matches their offer. The eth is transferred at the time of renting the domain and the renter then becomes controller of the ens domain for the renting period. Duing this period the renter can call the PublicResolver to point the ENS domain to their own address.