EthAms - BAYC subgraph API

I created a basic subgraph which got the meta information of BAYC from IPFS and can get queried using the explorer.


The project is a Subgraph which allows the end-user to fetch data about the BAYC collection from IPFS. Our goal was to learn about creating subgraphs and contribute another subgraph to the explorer. Furthermore, we can use text search to filter for specific attributes of an ape.

EthAms - BAYC subgraph API showcase

How it's made

I followed dabit3's youtube tutorial on how to get started with thegraph and create sub graphs. I generated the subgraph and code using the tools provided. The CLI commands helped generate a lot of boiler code and I only edited the mapping for IPFS metadata into use case specific data model. The data is hosted by thegraph