The project has been looking on a dashboard on Dune Analytics, providing an overview of the activity in Ethereum in any week. What is included? It provides basic information about the Ethereum network as well as more detailed metrics for experienced users. The project aimed to pick out the most relevant information from the Ethereum ecosystem, including metrics on the network, user activity, Ethereum DApps and protocols, and the DeFi or trading sector. Who should use the dashboard? The Ethereum weekly dashboard is aimed at Web3 users and crypto currency traders who want to get a quick overview of Ethereum. There were added some informational text boxes, so everybody can follow the provided graphs and draw their own conclusions from them. For leverage traders, metrics from the most popular decentralized futures exchange dydx are included.

Ethereum Weekly showcase

How it's made

We used the SQL querying provided by Dune Analytics to filter and visualize blockchain data. These queries were summarized in a Dune dashbard and supplemented by text boxes explaining the metrics. The focus was on representing weekly data which represents the Ethereum ecosystem and the DeFi world.