EthFlix is an on-demand video platform that delivers video content to end users which basically a Netflix clone running on distributed transcoding and asset storage service of Livepeer. Users sign in with web3 wallets which provides identity privacy from the very beginning of customer-service relation. At it's core EthFlix leverages Superfluid's payment streams to collect subscription fees from its users.

EthFlix showcase

How it's made

We've started with developing an API with Node.js/express.js and then we've found an open-source Next.js app which provides an empty web app consists of home page and login page, html/css only then we integrated it with our custom API for authentication and Livepeer's API for uploading/serving videos etc. We were encountered some issues when tried to implement Superfluid's integration and as an alternative we've tried Superfluid's graph at The Graph but unfortunately it was out of sync which makes Graph not to provide accurate data of flows we've created with Superfluid's API.