F3Bridge is a decentralised application that acts both as a bridge and social media app. First of all it allows web2 apps users to transition smoothly to the web3 environment, and use their web2 data. Since the content is completely decentralised in our app, there is almost* no way of banning us from the posting any kind of content. Naturally, there are still some edge-cases when it would be better to remove certain content. We can ban the given user or the content, in the way of democratic/ DAO voting. Since Web3 is heavily connected to the idea of barter and money, in our app we also give the option to support our favourite creators by creating money streams. Additionally, this solutions gives the possibility to stop the money stream if the content creator is not matching with the given supporter's preferences anymore.

F3Bridge showcase

How it's made

Frontend: The social graph in terms of Posts, Comments, Followers is built on the top of the Lens Protocol, which also lets users to take their content to any other platform that supports Lens. The development of the platform is managed with the addition of SkillWallet layer. Content creators can be supported with the help of Superfluid tool. The assets such as images are posted as NFT posts stored on the IPFS (Filecoin) servers. Push notifications are sent by using EPNS module. The whole frontend is created in React, and stored on the IPFS. - WalletConnect is used for the Wallet connection - Web3Auth provides additional layer of authentication that can be linked the users web2 accounts - Short videos can be shared with the help of LivePeer protocol Backend: Our service handles the association of Discord accounts with the wallet addresses (offchain). The data from our backend service can be queried via a REST API, which enables us e.g. to accurately suggest the user people to follow on Lens depending on his existing relations on Discord (the only thing stopping us is the Discord's whitelist for @me/relations endpoint access, but the wallet <-> Discord handle association is fully working).