A flexible lens module allowing custom follower tiers using harberger tax. “There are no longer just followers. There are followers, and then there is the golden circle.” - Pepe Lens Protocol is a composable and decentralized social graph. The golden circle module is a fleixble smart contract extending Lens, allowing content creators to have beyond just "followers. Tiered followers allows creators to segment their following into tiers to suit their various target markets and optimize monetization. Creators can appeal to a wider (and more varied) follower base and provide for different demand rates and price points. The golden circle is the idea of creating a scarce/ limited following tier that can have access to exclusive privileges and content. This exclusivity is possible thanks to the flexibility of the collect and reference modules in Lens. The golden circle uses a novel economic mechanism known as harberger tax to create a fair and efficient market for the scare golden circle membership. Golden circle membership that is always on sale. When you join the golden circle, you must set a price for your golden membership spot.You pay a percentage of this set price ( say 10% per month) in patronage to the creator. Another user can at any time purchase your golden circle membership by paying the price you set for your spot. Golden circle members can even profit as the value of this membership spot increases over time and is purchased from them. This flexible module allows creators to pursue further avenues of monetization and serve their super fans with special privileges

GoldenCircle showcase

How it's made

Lots of blood, sweat and code. We'll summarize: We extended Lens by writing our own custom Modules, SuperFollowerModule.sol that allows profile owners to have golden circle functionality. We also implemented a simple collect module that allows only golden circle members to collect various items of content. We believe with a bit of refactoring and more testing, a PR integrating these custom modules into Lens is in the pipeline. To demo the power of this module we have extended Lenster, a open source front end using Lens. We extended Lenster to use the custom SuperFollowerModule. This is scratching the surface. Unfortunately it is 1:33am and there are a few touch ups we need to get back to 😄