The natural next step in DEX trading is to provide the seamless swap experience across all chains. (ETH on Terra ===> ETH on BSC) in a single and swift transaction, on the most efficient pricing across all DEX pools liquidities across all chains. The algorithm required to calculate this optimized path is left to "solvers" to compete for the best solution where they compete to solve the batch auction. HerdOfCows adopts the COW protocol mechanism of batch auctions and allows for cross chain transactions.

Herd of Cows showcase

How it's made

• The project renormalizes the COW protocol solver optimization problem into a harder cross chain problem adding the chain dimension. The solver problem is effectively a JSON in and JSON out with 10 seconds in between to solve the problem and return a solution. We re-define the json files based on the linear optimization problem with new constraints. • The settlement process follows four operational steps which are in effect constraints to the optimization problem: 0) Collect funds and synchronize across chains. 1) AMM swaps 2) Bridge Swaps and synchronize. 3) Transfer Tokens out to users. • We deployed the modified COW settlement contract on the testnets Rinkeby and Kovan. • We integrate with testnet UNISWAP to do the swapping of the tokens. • We use the Connext AMROC testnet deployment that allows fast bridging.