Once you have linked your social media account (i.e. Twitter, Lens, Discord, ..) to an Ethereum address, using the Hexagons Protocol you can build apps to make specially-crafted Posts trigger smart contract actions. This opens up new possibilities related to nfts, gaming, governance and much more - all while lowering the entry barrier to web3 for the average Joe.

Hexagons Protocol showcase

How it's made

Anyone can build custom apps on top of the Hexagons Protocol. The DEMO is one of such apps and is composed of a set of smartcontracts + a relayer code (multiple relayers can be run in parallel by any. number of parties). The protocol can be used by leveraging the framework, which is composed of a Solidity Library (implementing the hooks-logic and the basic interface) + offchain components to interact with oracles and with social media platforms (everyting is modular and meant to be application agnostic). Alternatively to the Twitter module, a Lens Reference Module is also provided, to make it possible to trigger hooks straight from comments posted via Lens.