Holdim provides a valuable tool that aggregates different DAOs in one place and makes interactions user-friendly. One of the biggest problems we face in DeFi today is low DAO engagement. Making participation in projects’ governance system easy is a huge step for mass adoption. Even understanding proposals is not that hard anymore with our AI Optimization system. We are using GPT-3 to shorten and simplify the proposal's text to make it more readable and understandable. The original version will also be available for more experienced users. You can create a watchlist of DAOs that interest you, import your public key to make a list of DAOs which tokens you are holding, or just browse different projects to learn more. Each project has its own page with descriptions, analytics, and a list of proposals.

Holdím showcase

How it's made

#### Prototyping: An extensive interactive prototype was prepared solely during the hackathon time by 2 UI/UX designers. #### Backend: API Server is implemented using TypeScript + NodeJS + Express. Redis is used for caching. Portfolio API for mobile application is implemented by fetching the user wallet's holdings of DAO governance tokens from Zerion API. Feed API for mobile application is implemented by fetching and sorting all the proposals from Snapshot API. AI-generated explanations for proposals are being pre-processed, fetched from OpenAI API, post-processed and cached. Additional Scrapper Service is running in the background and periodically generating explanations for new proposals. #### Frontend: General Hodlím app was created using react-native init with a typescript template. Classic libraries were used in the app such as moment.js, numeral, axios, react-navigation and further. Didn't use any state management since the app has only 2 request without any need in storage, otherwise it is an overkill imho (btw MobX rocks) App details The app has 3 navigation stacks: Home, Search and Profile. Profile page consists of some user info and portfolio of DAO tokens and details about them Search page is used for navigation, searching (obvious) for new and interesting DAOs. For the hackaton it was mocked using an image Home page works like a feed for proposals with ability to expand it and learn more. And the killer feature is that you can see TL:DR for the proposal without diving deeply into it using Open AI. You will understand what is it about and simply decide what to vote for.