The web3 should be simple, and our project allows everyone to put your nft into market in less than 5 minutes. 1 - Select your NFT, can be a project, DAO, car, building, or any ERC721 NFT 2 - Fractionalize the NFT, choose the shares amount 3 - Provide the liquidity on AMM, this will create the market 4 - Sell your shares on our Marketplace With this simple ideia, your can fund a project in 5 minutes, selling 5%, 10% of your shares

Instant Market showcase

How it's made

The project use the technologies: IPFS: Decentralized Frontend hosted on IPFS, NFT Metadata Nftfy: To Fractionalize the Nfts Uniswap: To Provide Liquidity Protocol 1inch: To Trade Shares TheGraph: To provide the smart contract data for the Fractions WalletConnect: To connect into Dapp CoinbaseWallet: To connect into Dapp Polygon: Full Developed on Polygon Polygon Finity Design System: To guide the Design System